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Season Information

Essence Girls Basketball (EGB) has branched its proven brand of teaching and coaching basketball to young women around the State of Florida and Georgia. We have expanded to specifically identify middle schooler to bring year-round instruction for the game of basketball that will include a The Level Up 3 on 3 Fall League, Spring and Summer Tournament Schedule, and Winter training.

Essence Girls Basketball EYBL and Nike teams will consist of players throughout the state of Florida, Georgia and Alabama. The EYBL teams will consist of 8th – 11th grade teams Spring/Summer Season. Their tournament schedule is specifically a travel ball schedule and will travel across the country on the Nike Basketball Circuit. Nike is the top travel league in the entire country.

Essence Xtreme NIKE  consists of middle school players in Atlanta and surrounding areas.  They are the our Nike Elite Youth branch in the Georgia area. These young ladies will be training to be a part of the EYBL teams in the future. Essence Xtreme has expanded to high school teams as to help services these young ladies as well.

All parents must sign off on the COVID19 Guidelines